Center for Integral Politics (CIP)

Reinventing Politics

The last few summers and, more recently, the Corona crisis have made clear the degree of urgency of the challenges of climate change in conjunction with a comprehensive reorganization of our economic systems to more and more fellow-citizens.

At the same time, Europe is facing a legitimacy crisis due to increasing critique, nationalist tendencies and tensions between diverging values and conceptions of cooperation in the EU. Many citizens also experience a gap between political decision-making and their everyday life. To bridge this gap, decision-making in the EU must happen closer to the citizens.

Accordingly, new, much more effective, global solutions are becoming increasingly acute. For this reason, the topic of cooperative politics has recently come more into focus - and with it integral methods for a profound transformation of society and politics.

The Center for Integral Politics works towards a paradigm shift in politics, enhancing more collaborative mindsets and practices in politics as a precondition for re-inspiring political cultures and institutions, and thus, for building new momentum for the European project. 

The CIP connects, coordinates and integrates existing theoretical perspectives and practical approaches of integral/collaborative/TEAL politics, promotes and disseminates research results and best practices, and provide advice and interventions.

The core mission of the Center for Integral Policy (CIP) is to promote and support the development of integral political cultures, as well as of appropriate institutional forms, processes and practices.

A central role is currently played by our EU project 

Leadership for Transition (LiFT) 3.0 - politics project.

Project summary here.



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